Group Coaching

Become more comfortable with who you are, so you enjoy and respect yourself more.

And have more meaningful relationships and the increased confidence to live a rich and fulfilling life.

Group coaching sessions

At certain times in life, and particularly around mid-life, we may be called to re-evaluate life’s journey, to explore new territory and challenge old beliefs. This group-coaching programme designed to support and companion this important process. It helps to strengthen the fundamentals that underpin the capacity for women to be confident, effective and fulfilled in life and work.

Half-day coaching sessions

Each of the half-day sessions include processes that bypass our active, linear left-brains and engage our creative, emotive and often sub-conscious right brain. This allows fresh insights to emerge, broadening our mental and emotional ‘bandwidth’, and increasing our capacity to experience and problem solve.  Benefits include:

  • More self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • Stronger connection to your life purpose and meaning
  • Shifting out-dated, habitual patterns
  • Expanding your repertoire to initiate and respond
  • and being more in touch with yourself, and the important people in your life

Womens coaching group

Women have much to offer each other, and working in a small group draws on our unique feminine attributes – our natural capacity for self-reflection and our ability to contribute to each other’s journey.

Working together in four-hour sessions, over five months, this is a dynamic, powerful, affordable and lasting change process.

There are no scheduled Women’s Coaching Groups for 2019.

Previously run in Lewes, East Sussex
Meeting in small group for 4 hours – 9.30am to 1.30pm once a month, over 5 months.
20 hours of coaching for £495 or by monthly installment.

Contact Lilliana and find out more about group coaching.


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7 Responses to Group Coaching

  1. Melina – jewellery designer says:

    As a whole, this experience has changed fundamental aspects of how I am living my life, in a way that feels very good for me.I was expecting something very different and thought I knew mostly what would happen. But I was very much taken by surprise, going on a very different journey, while ending up exactly where I wanted to be.

    I feel working as a group made all the difference, especially such a small intimate one. I would never have felt safe enough to be so brave on my own if it were a one to one session. It felt like (as the saying goes) the sum of parts is greater than each added together. The lid was lifted for all of us I think.

    I loved working with women. It was quite lovely to share the time, listening to the others helped settle lots of things in my mind. It was so nice to have what felt like such a long time, to really give the space for deeper things to be.

    I’ve gained inner strength over these past months, clarity in my thoughts, and as a result making changes and steps in my life quite gracefully, but with big consequences.

    I think the thing that most stands out to me now as I write this today, is how profoundly it is still with me. I have discovered or revealed a part of myself that is here to stay.

  2. Maria – filmmaker says:

    The work went a lot deeper than I expected. Being part of Lilliana’s group helped me to reflect and face issues I have not found the time and place to deal with before.

    So instead of walking around in the porridge –as we say in Norway, I was able to be in a circle of woman and look at my own habits and realise I have other options. It helped me to choose new ways of being in my work and in my relationships. I am so grateful for this time, once a month over 5 months makes a huge difference because Lilliana knows how to move you forward out of stagnant states and habitual patterns.

    It was also very eye-opening to hear the other woman’s experiences and share the pains and gains of life, to realise you are not the only one with deep difficulties, and that we all gave each other support through the phase of change.

    Lilliana helped me to look at my life in a more creative way, her coaching cleared a way for me to understand how to move towards my dream, step by step. I loved the quality time we spent together, where each detail you talk about matters. And I thanked god for her sense of humour, she works in a way that is totally my cup of tea.

  3. Claire – project administrator says:

    I feel that my coaching sessions with Lilliana have helped me to understand more fully the processes, emotional and intellectual, that drive my most deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour. This helped me take advantage of the gap between stimulus and response, to alter these patterns; to arrest knee-jerk reactions in the bud, and to interact in more appropriate, and productive, ways with those around me. It has also helped me to identify where I am spending my time, and how that relates to what is and is not important in my life. Just the process of noticing has worked its ‘magic’ in such a way that there have been significant changes to the ways in which I allocate my time, but seemingly without having to make conscious effort to do so.

    While my major addiction of self-harm through food remains present and continues to frighten me at times, other areas that were sources of extreme angst and tension have been ‘loosened’ and ‘de-bugged’, leaving them less controlled, but ironically better, calmer – and in some cases, sources of pleasure instead. My most important relationships have deepened in intimacy and security and are more balanced, with added ‘fun factor’ that rarely featured previously.

    I now have a clearer understanding of why I am where I am in my professional life. The door is now open to a world where I can determine what I would ideally like to be doing, and where I feel able to actively seek challenge and embrace change, however scary the thought!

    Above all else, I have gained a confidence in the magic of letting go and observing, and having faith that this alone can bring about significant change.

  4. Anna – academic & parent educator says:

    I just found and re-read the ‘gift’ tokens each of us wrote for one another. I am so moved by them, by the kindness, generosity and accuracy of what I want in them. The gifts each of us wrote down on a coloured piece of paper are relevant and accurate to my deepest wishes and as I read them I am touched anew at what we did share and learn about one another in a relatively short space of time. It felt in that regard like sacred time, held carefully by Lilliana from the beginning.

    Highlights for me were the sand-tray – I liked the playfulness of it and enjoyed doing a version with my kids at home afterwards. That sense of abundance, choose whatever you want to put in your tray, as much or as little, and the visual channel of seeing each other’s trays and noticing our individuality and our commonality. And then being sent them and I am reminded of the handouts and the things Lilliana sent along the way. And I liked the ‘wonderful day’ writing as well as the sea piece at beginning, and the gift cards to one another, and the ‘how we learn’ ideas at beginning – visual, kinesthetic etc, I found that very useful on going. I also can see re-reading my notebook that I kept during that time some deep stuff was opening up for me around masculinity – my relationship to my inner ‘father/authority’ and my relationship to my real father. This feels ongoing and difficult territory but ultimately liberating, but still wading my way through that process in May this year. Feels like quite deep and slow stuff.

    Having only moved to Lewes 3 months before the coaching began I had hoped to meet a group of women. I hadn’t necessarily expected the ‘calibre’ of women there – the profound sharing and willingness to share difficult as well as positive parts of our lives. I really liked that depth but hadn’t expected it somehow from group coaching which I thought might more skim the surface.

    Working as part of a group was both exponentially rewarding and quite challenging at times – I have a firm, and possibly rigid sense of what is and is not ‘fair’ – having been a middle child – so I’m conscious of how much time each participant ‘took’ and noticed a tendency in myself to cut myself shorter than I’d like sometimes in at attempt to be ‘fair’ with the time and then regret/resent not taking my time and space more in a group later. I loved hearing about other women’s journeys, and found it catalysed thoughts, ideas and wishes in me to be in the group.

    It was only at the end of the group meetings that I reflected how in many ways I’d rushed myself into doing the coaching at a time when I had other commitments and double-booked myself, hence missed a whole month and then felt a little ‘on the edge’ of the group. This all feels like my ‘pattern’, painful to notice but very useful. This is something I am still having to look at as the sense of being ‘double-booked’ comes up pretty constantly in my life my desire to engage, learn and process still often feels out of synch with my work and role as mother of two young children with a partner who is mostly out of the house for long days so I have sole responsibility for school runs, bedtimes etc.

    As a coach/facilitator I would describe Lilliana as generous, strong, willing to be vulnerable but also willing to lead the group and to offer her riches and personal and professional experiences along with a range of fabulous provoking and nurturing exercises and processes.

    What we did together as a group of women did feel sacred and precious to me. I particularly appreciated getting to know more about each of you. And thank you Lilliana for your warmth, vibrancy, kindness, intelligence, practicality and genuine human interest in each of us.

  5. Ruth – journalist says:

    I loved being in the group, hearing different perspectives, and getting feedback.
    I would describe the experience as a gentle, creative, respectful feminine encounter group.

  6. Alinah – artist says:

    I found the group coaching challenging, thought-provoking, generally very positive.

    I got nudged in the direction of underlying themes that are actually fundamental to address, such as the dynamic in my relationship to money/men/success etc, though they are still a work in progress!

    The sessions were always eye-opening and small enough to explore things in detail. It was good seeing how there are common points of vulnerability and identification with people you wouldn’t normally connect with.

    Thank you Lilliana for your insight, compassion and flexibility.

  7. Kim - voluntary sector manager says:

    I found the experience very helpful, it carved out some time within which I could focus on my difficulties and try to make some sense of them. I felt stronger by the end of the group and felt myself being more in touch with my own authority.

    I felt there was a lot of respect in the group and we were able to stick with the ground rules that we set for ourselves. I learnt a lot from working with the other women and sometimes felt challenged by our differences.

    I think my changes are mostly internal, although I’m taking a more no-nonsense attitude at work but I need to now think about how I can continue this work.

    The group was a very valuable experience, it created a space in which to focus on those internal struggles which sometimes don’t get attention in everyday life.

    I thought that you facilitated the group well Lilliana, very early on it felt safe and boundaried, I hope I have the opportunity to work with you again, also, I appreciated the quotes and the feedback after sessions.