Individual Coaching

Have the confidence to change what you can, and to
acknowledge what you can’t

There may be a particular area of work, life or a relationship that needs attention, and coaching is an effective exploration process to shed new light and develop a deeper understanding and a way forward.

As part the coaching, creative processes can often help to access more of our right-brain’s imaginative, big picture qualities to balance the way we think, feel, intuit, respond and experience.

We can nourish and grow our confidence and emotional intelligence to live more fully in our authentic selves.

  • Develop core confidence
    feel at home in yourself, and so be more authentic and effective
  • Use more of yourself in work and life
    recognise your innate capacities and broader skills
  • Maintain stability
    be better able to hold onto yourself, particularly under pressure
  • Know what’s important
    choose to focus and develop what really matters

Contact Lilliana to talk about how coaching could best support your journey.


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5 Responses to Individual Coaching

  1. Michelle Ayres – in career transition says:

    I genuinely recommend Lilliana Gibbs. I had the opportunity to work with her on some emotionally charged career and personal issues.

    From our work together, I gained perspective that will serve me well for years to come. Lilliana helped me bring to surface some deep-rooted habits that have caused me stress for years. In fact, the way I now approach decisions has changed dramatically. Lilliana and I did not focus on short-term solutions by solving my immediate, pressing problems or making decisions. Rather, we refined the way I make decisions in the first place.

    As a coach, Lilliana has a delicate balance of both nurturance and challenge, which made for complete trust in our professional relationship, and allowed for both revealing, yet challenging sessions. What I learned about myself will be an asset throughout my personal and professional life.

  2. Debbie Tozer Head of Programme Office – Whitbread says:

    The coaching was more holistic than I expected. We spent time talking about a wide range of issues that connected back to some of the barriers I wanted to overcome at work in ways that often surprised me.

    As a result I have been more able to ask for what I need to be effective in my role and to achieve a better home/work life balance. It’s helped me identify and value my strengths and shift the focus of my role so that the company is benefiting from more of my time in those really value added areas

    I love the energy Lilliana brings to every session. I value the insights she has shared with me around what she was hearing, and there is a great balance of challenge and support in all our conversations.

  3. Lisa Armytage – actor & voice artist says:

    Lilliana is an intuitive, creative and supportive coach. She has a sharp analytical mind, and yet a great personal warmth. She has allowed me to engage with my own intuition, and to go at my own pace. It is a process I am enjoying and finding very helpful as I seek a way forward in my working life.

  4. Jane Brandgen – mindfulness coach says:

    Lilliana is a gifted coach. She is warm, engaging, insightful, intuitive and smart. She has the ability to create a safe reflective space for her clients right from the onset of the coaching process and this contributes significantly to her establishing solid, trust-based relationships with her clients.

    I appreciate Lilliana’s creativity in her coaching, used in the service of supporting her clients to move to greater self-awareness and fulfilment. Another element that I appreciate about Lilliana as a coach is her integrity. She is very committed to her work and devotes time and energy to reading and researching ways in which she can further support her clients.

    With Lilliana’s help I have made some life-changing decisions, improved my confidence and was able to work through a particularly challenging time with more grace and ease.

  5. Claire Palmer – project administrator says:

    I feel that my coaching sessions with Lilliana have helped me to understand more fully the processes, emotional and intellectual, that drive my most deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour. This helped me take advantage of the gap between stimulus and response, to alter these patterns; to arrest knee-jerk reactions in the bud, and to interact in more appropriate, and productive, ways with those around me.

    It has also helped me to identify where I am spending my time, and how that relates to what is and is not important in my life. Just the process of noticing has worked its ‘magic’ in such a way that there have been significant changes to the ways in which I allocate my time, but seemingly without having to make conscious effort to do so.

    Areas of my life that were sources of extreme angst and tension have been ‘loosened’ and ‘de-bugged’, leaving them less controlled, but ironically better, calmer – and in some cases, sources of pleasure instead. My most important relationships have deepened in intimacy and security and are more balanced, with added ‘fun factor’ that rarely featured previously.

    I now have a clearer understanding of why I am where I am in my professional life. The door is now open to a world where I can determine what I would ideally like to be doing, and where I feel able to actively seek challenge and embrace change, however scary the thought!

    Above all else, I have gained a confidence in the magic of letting go and observing, and having faith that this alone can bring about significant change.